Street Fighter IV picture overload part two: El Fuerte tiene un sart?n

Capcom just loves doing these photo dumps. You just saw Rufus, now it’s time to check out El Fuerte. As you look at all of the photos in the gallery, you’ll notice that El Fuerte is in the air a lot. He is a Lucha libra fighter after all and they’re known for flying around in their wrestling matches. His combos look pretty devastating too. The pictures are mostly in sequential order, showing some of his moves from start to finish. Perfect for making animated gifs. 

Now my only question is why does El Fuerte have a frying pan? Are they adding weapons into Street Fighter IV all of a sudden? They’re not, but wouldn’t it be interesting if the Street Fighter series added weapons into the mix? And by interesting, I mean the worst thing that could ever happen to the franchise.

How’s El Fuerte looking to you? 

Hamza Aziz