Street Fighter IV Japanese sales numbers are high, probably

Street Fighter IV may have had an impressive Japanese launch. Capcom’s title reportedly sold 86,000 copies — a stunning 58k of those were to the PlayStation 3 version — on February 13. That’s a lot. A grandmother would break it down by saying that more copies were purchased than “Quaker has oats,” which seems like an apt analysis. We knew SFIV‘s launch would be good, but these launch numbers are massive.

Capcom’s community manager Seth Killian (s-kill) wrote about the numbers Friday, and dropped a bombshell. “The numbers being quoted some places are off based on what I’ve been told,” wrote Killian on his blog. “but the real story is that SFIV is not ‘selling well’ but is in fact SOLD OUT in Japan.” He added that there are “no more copies to sell on store shelves” forcing Capcom to resort to some crazy basement supply that they hold for these special occasions.

CheapAssGamer’s CheapyD was reluctant to believe Killian’s comments, so he did some checking around in Japan over the weekend. He couldn’t find a store that was sold out of Capcom’s fighter. Killian would later revise his blog entry to read, “every single day-one copy in the stores was been sold (!!!)” meaning that Capcom must have used that lower store supply to restock the entire country before Cheapy started looking.

How many were sold? Who knows. I’m more interested in Capcom’s basement — that thing must be impressive.

[via PS3Center]

Brad BradNicholson