Street Fighter IV iPhone discounted, vote for future DLC

To celebrate yesterday’s launch of Super Street Fighter IV on consoles, Capcom has discounted the price of Street Fighter IV on the iPhone. The title is now 30% off until Thursday, which means you can pick the portable fighter up for only $6.99.

Additionally, Capcom is asking fans to tell them which Street Fighter character they’d like to see appear in the game as future DLC. Five people will be chosen at random and given a copy of the game for free. That’s cool and all, but to me it sounds like a nice hint that Capcom plans to add more characters down the line. The title is already said to be receiving a free update which will bring Cammy in as a fighter.

I’ve played a bit of the game on the iPhone, and it works about as well as you can expect on the touch screen. It’s been tough to find people to play against, which is a bit of a shame; playing Street Fighter alone can only get you so far. Anyone already pick up the game? What do you think?

Get Street Fighter IV On iPhone For Only Seven Bucks [Capcom Unity]

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