Street Fighter IV coming this winter, also collectible headband

In a recent conversation with Gamespot, Capcom said they would “definitely” have Street Fighter IV ready by this winter in North America and “roughly [around] the same time” in Europe. That means a whole lot of kicking, punching, and awkward glimpses of anime underwear could be coming very soon.

This confirmation rings true with what we reported on previously in regard to SF IV’s release next year. Based on GameStop’s records, the game is slated for a February 3, 2009 release. It’s of note that Capcom were referring directly to the console releases of the game, not the PC version.

Interestingly, GameStop also has a Collector’s Edition listed in which pre-orders will net the potential consumer with a headband. In my experience, playing any SF game with a headband on not only increases skill, but also attracts the attention of the opposite sex. Trust us, we do it all the time.

Brad BradNicholson