Street Fighter III HD Remix probably not going to happen

The likelihood of Capcom releasing an HD Remix version of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike isn’t good. In response to a user question about a retail remake of the game, Capcom’s Chris Svennson said it would be “somewhat unlikely” that we’ll see it. He cited technical challenges and lessons learned while creating Street Fighter II Turbo Blueberry Pie HD Remix as the reasons.

“An HD Remix on SF3 would be a challenge in and of itself given the number of frames of animation and effects that would have to be redone, especially in light of what we learned on SSF2THDR,” Svennson said. “As such, the very nature of the project you’re suggesting is somewhat unlikely.”

But wait, we live in a world full of possibilities: one second you’re hoping to win two dollars from a scratch-off lottery ticket. The next, you’re buying cocaine and fish eggs by the pound. Or, in this case, remaking another Street Fighter game because the last one starting selling like hotcakes because Vin Diesel endorsed it on Oprah.

“But if it were to happen, I would suspect a retail release would also be unlikely given our current strategy for Remixes.”

So, there you go. Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike HD Remix could happen, but it doesn’t seem like Capcom is seriously considering it yet. And good for them: typing “SFIII3HDR” is tougher than it looks.

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