Street Fighter: Duel launches on iOS and Android February 28

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Pocket Punchers

At the finale of this weekend’s Capcom Cup IX festivities, Capcom and Crunchyroll Games announced that mobile RPG title Street Fighter: Duel will make its global debut on February 28, bringing its pocket-sized scrapper action to iOS and Android devices. Pre-registration is available now on both platforms.

Set against the backdrop of the Super Street Fighter IV timeline, Street Fighter: Duel tasks players with building up a faction of fighters with which to take on both Shadaloo and S.I.N. — led by the all-consuming CEO/Naked Puppet Man, Seth. The pint-sized RPG first launched in China back in 2020, so it’s certainly taken its sweet time to make its way overseas to western shores. Street Fighter: Duel will launch with a huge roster of 40 unlockable characters, with future updates on the books.

Street Fighter: Duel looks to offer up typical mobile action, built around leveling up characters, mashing through battles, and unlocking further characters, buffs, and abilities — punctuated by a slew of microtransactions. While the gameplay and format can be expected to be typically divisive, I do dig the cartoony alternate takes on the World Warriors’ classic appearances. I’ll be sure to check out the game upon launch, and we’ll see whether Crunchyroll is headed for a K.O., or whether it’s lining up to be another popular franchise that fails to translate to the mobile RPG market.

Street Fighter: Duel launches February 28 on iOS and Android. A PC and console port is planned for the summer.

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