Street Fighter Alpha 2 hits PSN this Thursday

Street Fighter Alpha 2 is coming to the Playstation Network on June 4, and now I have told you all the news that was relayed to us via Marvel vs. Capcom‘s Twitter. No price yet, no screens, just a tweet, and as such very little to write about except the fact that it’s idiotic to announce games via Twitter. In fact it’s idiotic to announce anything via Twitter other than what you had for lunch and where you’re going to be partying.

Allow my grumpy old ass to climb up on this soapbox and pontificate a bit, but wouldn’t a better way to announce a release for an awesome game that most people are wanting to play be, I don’t know, a press release or something with more information? I know the tweet says that more is at PSBlog at some point, but it shouldn’t be coming it should be here. That should be the announcement and the tweet should be the thing that follows it up not the other way around. We’re just rewarding bad PR that features a complete and total lack of information because it can’t be enough words to feature information.

This is the downfall of humanity, people. Read a book! In my day we had to find our press releases or have them emailed to us barefoot, in the snow, up hill both ways! By the way, follow us.

(Thanks, James P.)

Matthew Razak