Street Fighter 6 World Tour: What to gift the World Warriors

street fighter 6 gift guide masters deepen bond

I always wanted 20 of these…

In Capcom’s Street Fighter 6, World Tour allows the custom player protagonist to befriend all 18 members of the latest World Warrior roster. In addition, players can unlock artwork, emotes, camera mode poses, titles, and backstories for each of these nose-breaking chummers. Ultimately, fully “deepening your bond” with a character will unlock their alt attire, along with 10 color variants, for other modes.

Deepening your bond with Ryu, Kimberly, Marisa, and Co. ultimately comes down to leveling up, talking to them, utilizing their styles in World Tour mode, and performing bizarre, non-sequitur missions. But the quickest way to Dee Jay’s heart, much like anybody, is through expenditure. Buy gifts for the characters, and they’ll open up their hearts in no time.

Except Juri, but she’s a bit sad and we need to look after her.

street fighter 6 deepen your bond
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What should I buy the Masters in Street Fighter 6?

So, if you’re looking to offer a little retail therapy to your favorite characters, here is a guide to the best items to buy each fighter, along with where to purchase the item. As I noted in my review, World Tour is a bit shabby in places, feeling a little “Statement of Intent” rather than fully featured. For example, each character only wants one specific gift, which means you basically have to buy it for them 20+ times. Yes, the exact same gift.

I cannot help but feel there were probably bigger plans for adding more gifts, but development time ran out. Oh, and you’ll need this guide, as while some of the gifts make sense, others are just baffling.

  • Luke – Red Elevator 8 Game (Jamaica Merchant)
  • Jamie – Bao Bao Bro Sticker (Jamaica Merchant)
  • Manon – Beaujolais (Jamaica Merchant)
  • Kimberly – Heart of Love DVD (Jamaica Merchant)
  • Marisa – Cold Tomato Soup (France Merchant)
  • Lily – Celery Chips (Jamaica Merchant)
  • JP – Antique Playing Cards (Jamaica Merchant) 
  • Dee Jay – Lukewarm Beer (Brazil Merchant)
  • Juri – Wrench (India Merchant)
  • Cammy – Jellied Eel (Jamaica Merchant)
  • Ryu – Instant Soba (Udon Shop, Metro City)
  • Ken – Cook book. COOK BOOK. (Mexico Merchant)
  • Blanka – Knock-off Blanka Chan (Jamaica Merchant)
  • Zangief – Wooden Bear (Russia Merchant)
  • Chun-Li – Canned Herring (Dora Shop, Nayshall)
  • Dhalsim – Mild Curry (Tsanpa Shop, Nayshall
  • E. Honda – Rubber Duckies (Italy Merchant)
  • Guile – Natto (Japan Merchant)

Each of the above items will increase the Master’s respective bond by 5 points, whereas most items only increase it by 2 or 3 points. Further points are earned by winning sparring matches, completing character missions, and giving appreciative answers in conversations. Additionally, generic items such as Double KO Gum, Fighter’s Magazine, and Prepaid Cards increase bonds by between 1-3 points.

sf6 gift guide
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Finally, there are special “Ultra” gifts which are unlocked by completing quests for the Masters, these items are one-offs and can only be given to their intended recipient. They add a huge 30-40 points, and are a little more obvious as to their intended owner. (This section is work-in-progress)

  • Luke –  Strawberry Fighter 6 (Get from Ken)
  • Jamie – 
  • Manon – Medal (get from Zangief)
  • Kimberly –
  • Marisa – 
  • Lily – 
  • JP – 
  • Dee Jay – HeartBB CD (Get from Luke)
  • Juri – Pricey Check (Get from Manon)
  • Cammy – Neco Keychain (Get from Chun-Li)
  • Ryu – Japanese Confectionary (Get from E. Honda)
  • Ken – 
  • Blanka – Locket (Get from Lily)
  • Zangief – Weight Set (Get from Marisa)
  • Chun-Li – Citrus Perfume (Get from Juri)
  • Dhalsim – 
  • E. Honda – Tirimasu Boba (Get from Cammy)
  • Guile – 

You’ll obviously need top dollar to pay for this stuff, so quick out our guide for quickly earning Zenny in game. Once the respective Master’s bond reaches 100, you have essentially exhausted the unlocks for that character and will also earn their alt costume. There are plans to add further characters to World Tour as the roster expands over the game’s lifetime. But, for now, go and make some friends. And ignore the fact that some of the characters are weirdly aggressive about receiving your gifts.

Except Juri, because she’s a bit sad and we need to look after her…

Street Fighter 6 is available now on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox. Visit our guide hub right here.

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