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[Update: The show’s about to begin! Check it out below!]

Capcom is hosting a new showcase for the upcoming Street Fighter 6 on April 20. The new and, from the sounds of it, final extended look at Street Fighter 6 will apparently have some “big news.”

The show will air on Capcom’s YouTube channel at 3 p.m. PT / 6 p.m. ET on April 20. It’s set to host over half an hour of “big news and announcements,” all about the upcoming SF6.

Hosting the whole show will be Lil Wayne. It’s an interesting pick, for sure. But it’s not exactly the first time the artist has crossed over with Street Fighter, either.

According to the YouTube premiere description, there will be details on World Tour, the Battle Hub, and the Fighting Ground. Additionally, Capcom is promising some “big news at the end of the show.” Honestly, some part of me wants that to be Lil Wayne joining the roster. If that happens, we can just hope it goes better than other cameos have.

Taking it to the streets

Since this is showcase has an air of finality to it, I’m hoping we get a full starting roster locked in for Street Fighter 6 as well. The lineup is strong so far, but I’m curious to see what else Capcom might have planned. There’s certainly no shortage of fighters to include from throughout Street Fighter history.

This adds Capcom’s next fighting game to a growing roster of game showcases and spotlights this month. Already, there’s both a Tears of the Kingdom trailer and Final Fantasy XVI-centered State of Play set to air tomorrow. With Street Fighter 6 the week after, it’s getting crowded. But with Zelda in May, and Street Fighter and Final Fantasy in June, there’s really not a whole lot of time left before launch.

That’s all hitting ahead of the summer of gaming news, which is now fully without an E3 to tie it all together. Street Fighter 6 will arrive within the summer games showcase window anyways, with a launch date of June 2. But this is a solid reminder that we’re really getting close to a window where some of the year’s heavy-hitters will start to roll out.

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