Finally found something I dislike about Street Fighter 6: Luke’s shitty dance

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How to ruin your Perfect round

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To say I’ve been on something of a high since Capcom revealed Street Fighter 6 is certainly an understatement. I’ve pretty much covered the title every other day since, in some form or fashion. But while this obsession has been driven by the unbridled joy I’ve gotten with each and every SF6 headline, reveal, or leak, today’s article is, finally, something about the game which I think is pretty damn awful.

And it concerns our NKOTB Luke, and his god-fucking-awful dancing.

Spotted, recorded, and uploaded by Capcom Europe brand manager Matthew Edwards, (who is currently in attendance at Japan Expo 2022), the former military brat has been caught busting out a few steps upon successfully completing a round without taking a lick of damage. It’s worse than you could imagine, certainly not helped by how oddly his Popeye-ass arms and legs flail around.

Check out the rug-cutting nightmare in action for yourself below. Whatcha doing, lad?

Maybe he’s just over-excited. Have you ever tried dancing at a single second’s notice? It’s surprising how quickly you seem to lose control of all bodily capabilities ā€” limbs writhing and feet stumbling as your life flashes before your eyes and all sense of pride seeps from every orifice of your body. But Luke is supposedly a hip young thang, and I expect better moves from the MMA-lovin’ twink, not this Like-Button-Beggin’ Tik-Tok jive.

Final Fight cop Edie.E is in the background, he should book him for crimes against dance.

Still, there is a positive to be taken from this clip, as the dance all but confirms Perfect Round win poses for Street Fighter 6. This has always been a satisfying feature when utilized in any previous fighting games, allowing players to bask in their own glory with rarely seen soundbites and stances. Of course, your fallen opponent will be mashing Start with all their might, desperately trying to skip the animation while sweatily noting that they don’t care-it-happened-honest.

Hell, in Luke’s case, you’ll both be mashing Start. Jiminy Jilikers, look at him. Someone get the hook.

Street Fighter 6 launches on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox in 2023. In the meantime, check out our previous reports on the leaked character roster, our thoughts on new heroes Luke and Jamie, a look at the sequel’s intriguing new mechanics, and some of the sequel’s new character themes.

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