Juri Han and Kimberly join the Street Fighter 6 party

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(Quick, everyone look surprised)

As the curtain fell on Evo 2022’s final Street Fighter V: Champion Edition tournament, Capcom took the opportunity to reveal brand new trailers for two of the World Warriors coming to next year’s Street Fighter 6. Give it up for funky fly newcomer Kimberly and, the Korean razor blade herself, Juri Han!

Juri, who made her debut in Super Street Fighter IV, was pretty much a shoo-in for the new title, having frequently posted highly as one of the Street Fighter fan community’s most popular characters. And it seems, in a post-S.I.N. and Shadaloo society, that Juri’s days of assassination and corporate espionage are behind her, replaced with days of looking dope as fuck while searching the world for further blood-pumping thrills.

Making her Street Fighter debut, Kimberly is one of several new characters who will be hitting the avenues and alleyways of Street Fighter 6, looking to make her mark alongside street kids such as Luke and Jamie. A practitioner of bushinryu, (the martial art mastered by Final Fight hero Guy), Kimberly infuses her traditional and precise ninja stylings with a Day-Glo love of 1980s culture. Kimberly is sure to bring a wild palette of color to SF6‘s graffiti aesthetic and could prove to be one of the game’s most charismatic and flamboyant breakout stars.

Of course, by now we’ve all but confirmed that the earlier full roster leak is legitimate, so it just becomes a case of waiting to see who is next to make the presence officially known. I gotta admit, I was convinced they’d save Juri for a later reveal, but I guess when all eyes are on Evo, you probably want to drop your superstars. And, boy howdy, is she a superstar. I’m already feeling the new characters, as well as the sequel’s overall vibe, and these videos have me thirsty for more.

I’ll be taking a much closer look at both of these two combatants in the coming days right here on Destructoid. In the meantime, check out our previous reports on the leaked character roster, our thoughts on new heroes Luke and Jamie, a closer look at The Family Man, a breakdown of the sequel’s intriguing new mechanics, and some of the roster’s new character themes.

Street Fighter 6 launches in early 2023 on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox.

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