Street Fighter 6 showcases its ‘interactive’ fight intros and Vs. screens

street fighter 6 vs screens intro capcom

I’mma wipe that smug off yer mug

Perhaps fully aware that the cat is somewhat out of the bag, the ringmasters at Capcom have been slowly drip-feeding tidbits of information regarding its incoming scrapper Street Fighter 6. Not only has it been officially confirmed that the game takes place after Street Fighter III in the series’ chronology, but we’ve also been given our first look at some (somewhat comical) interactive Vs screens.

As demonstrated in the tweet below, once both players have chosen their characters, we see the two characters taking a stroll to the fighting ground, accompanied by some bio information. They then face off underneath a large “VS” sign, to much fanfare from the crowd. This sequence then segues to two GIANT close-ups of the characters’ faces (in this instance Luke and Ryu) as the fight loads in.

During this brief pause, players can press buttons to perform different facial expressions, such as scowling, grinning, or looking smug or stoic. I’m in no doubt that each character will have facial expressions befitting their personality I’m also in no doubt that everyone is just going to cycle through them constantly, making both characters look like they’re freaking the fuck out… It’s gon’ be goofy. Y’all remember when Soulcalibur had this feature?

As I’ve noted before, Street Fighter 6 is clearly far along in development, given that it’s already arriving a couple of years later than its initially planned release. As such, we’re probably likely to see a lot of little features, modes, and characters debuted by Capcom between now and the game’s official release, (I got my money on February). In the meantime, if you don’t care about “spoilers”, then you can check what appears to be the full roster leak in our previous article.

Street Fighter 6 launches 2023 on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms.

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