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Don’t go for broke.

The Street Fighter V cosmetic experience relied massively on microtransactions, a business decision that angered a huge portion of the fanbase. Street Fighter 6 massively improves upon the disappointing launch of Street Fighter V in almost every single way, but it’s still not perfect when it comes to economics. Street Fighter 6 makes up for the fatal error of its predecessor by giving players an almost absurd amount of stuff to do without having to pay extra, but it’s not exactly microtransaction-free.

SF6 features Drive Tickets, a currency that players can earn to buy stuff in the game, but that’s not all. SF6 also introduces Fighter Coins, a new type of premium currency. Right now, players can make use of either to acquire the game’s extra content, but that might not be the way going forward.

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How to get Fighter Coins

No matter how hard you grind offline or how many fighters you beat, Fighter Coins will cost real money. Right now, they offer a quicker, but obviously more expensive, alternative to the more grind-y Drive Tickets. Whether you’re playing on a PlayStation, PC, or Xbox, this is what you’ll have to pay:

250 Fighter Coins: £3.99 | $4.99 | €4.99
610 Fighter Coins: £9.49 | $11.99 | €11.99
1250 Fighter Coins: £18.99 | $23.99 | €22.99
2750 Fighter Coins: £39.99 | $49.99 | €49.99

Capcom has also announced SF6’s battle pass, the “Fighters Pass”. We still don’t know much about it other than how the focus will be on cosmetic items and in-game boosters/Drive Tickets, and never on pay-to-win advantages. Though Capcom still hasn’t advanced many details as to its price and contents, the Fighters Pass will be split into two tracks of both free and premium unlocks.

For now, the Fighter Coins will only get you optional cosmetics, and most things cost less than 100 coins. But these are likely introductory prices, and are expected to change with future content, such as DLC costumes. As an estimate, a DLC costume in Street Fighter V retailed for roughly $4 USD, though most could also be bought with in-game currency, which was, naturally, something of a grind.

Additonally, for a limited time, you can head over to Chipotle’s SF6 website or app and use the code HDKN236 on checkout to earn 250 coins. This campaign lasts until the end of October, but there are only 20,000 rewards available, so don’t waste time!

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