Street Fighter 6 confirms classic character costumes at SDCC 2022

street fighter 6 classic costumes sdcc nostalgia

Jamie debuts his official ‘choon

This weekend, Capcom is putting in an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2022, showing off the recently released Capcom Fighting Collection and its upcoming sequel, Street Fighter 6.

Yesterday, the long-time developer/publisher held a special Q&A panel to discuss the two titles. Sadly, in regards to SF6, we did not receive any new footage, nor a character reveal. Capcom didn’t send us away totally empty-handed, however, as it shared a selection of new screens confirming classic/nostalgia costumes for SF6‘s posse of World Warriors.

street fighter 6 classic costume guile sdcc

Among the images are old-school cool looks for The Strongest Woman in the World, Chun-Li, the endless wanderer Ryu, and everybody’s favorite Family Man, Guile. In addition, we saw some new duds for newcomers Luke and Jamie. Both these kids are looking pretty fly, and I far prefer Luke’s new alt to his core gear. You can check out further images over on the official Street Fighter Twitter.

Of course, Capcom did not openly confirm whether these were paid DLC costumes, or the character’s standard story mode alts. This had led many to assume that the new costumes are the former. And who can blame them, really, given Capcom’s propensity for paid gear in Street Fighter V in particular, (which closed with Chun-Li on the best part of 30 outfits.)

street fighter 6 classic costume luke sdcc

The SF6 team is supremely confident in this new release and has frequently spoken of their desire to learn from the mistakes of past games. While I’m in no doubt whatsoever that SF6 will feature a slew of post-release DLC — cosmetic and otherwise — it would perhaps be a bit of an olive branch if the studio were to offer up these classic looks for free, perhaps as an in-game unlockable. Time will tell.

Capcom also released the official character theme for the hard-drinkin’ brawler. Check it out below.

San Diego Comic-Con 2022 is now open at the San Diego Convention Center. It will close on July 24. Street Fighter 6 launches on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox in 2023. In the meantime, check out our previous reports on the leaked character roster, our thoughts on new heroes Luke and Jamie, a look at the sequel’s intriguing new mechanics, and some of the sequel’s new character themes.

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