Street Fighter 6 announced

Street Fighter 6 and Capcom Fighting Collection announced

Hello Darkstalkers

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As many had predicted, the big countdown Capcom has been teasing since last week did indeed result in Street Fighter 6 getting announced. But for anyone who’s been a fan of the company and its catalog of fighters since the ’90s, it’s probably the announcement that came right before that reveal that has them the most excited. Capcom Fighting Collection is coming later this year and it’s bringing some fan favorites to modern hardware. Included in the collection are:

  • Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors
  • Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge
  • Vampire Hunter 2: Darkstalkers’ Revenge
  • Vampire Savior
  • Vampire Savior 2
  • Red Earth
  • Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix
  • Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness
  • Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
  • Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition

While I’m sure there are plenty of fighters from the company’s past that should probably be included in this collection (*cough* Street Fighter Alpha *cough* Rival Schools *cough*), it’s hard to be upset with this much representation for Darkstalkers. I mean, this thing has games from the series that I didn’t even know existed. Couple that with Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix and whatever the hell Red Earth is, and I think you end up with a collection that’s more than worthy of earning a spot on my shelf. I mean, just look at that boxart!

Following that announcement, Capcom gave us the briefest of teasers for Street Fighter 6.

More information on that title is expected this summer. As for the Capcom Fighting Collection, it launches on June 24, 2022 for PS4, Xbox One, Steam, and Switch.

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