Streaming game service Gaikai to launch within 60 days

Gaikai founder David Perry has recently revealed that the streaming games service is nearing launch. When can we expect it? With in the next 60 days, he says.

Speaking at the [a]list summit in California, Perry continued to champion the digital future of gaming, while doing some light smack-talking of competing steaming game service, OnLive, which launched earlier this year.

According to Perry, OnLive’s three United States-based data centers aren’t enough to push content out to consumers. Gaikai, he says, will launch with 15 servers, with a goal of 50 servers in the United States.

“We can build the biggest network in the world,” he says of Gaikai, comfortable in saying as much with the backing of folks like Intel, Triplepoint Capital, and more.

As someone who is both impatient, slightly lazy (okay — really lazy), and would rather not own a physical copy of something if he didn’t have to, I can get behind this digital streaming future. Surprisingly, OnLive actually works in my experience, and pretty well for what it is. (The sometimes low resolutions and slight lag, depending on your connection, noted; it’s not going to be for everyone.) Whether Perry’s Gaikai can do it better remains to be seen, and it sounds like we’ll know for sure in the coming months.

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Nick Chester