Streaming for a good cause: Zeldathon and Mario Marathon

On May 21, a gamer who hoped to spend the future with his wife and yet to be born son was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident. Last night, I stumbled upon some rad kids trying hard to raise money for that man’s son. Through the power of the Internet, these people are throwing a Zeldathon to help. 

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link was my first NES game and I feel that Link has been an inspiration to us all.  Thank you, Link, for helping to inspire this group as well. They will be streaming until Friday, so if you Dtoiders have some time, please check out the Zeldathon

Also, don’t forget that Friday the awesome Mario Marathon will be taking place to help the organization Child’s Play. It’s for the children! And remember, the first rule of Destructoid Black Ops is first you get the money, then you get the baby.

Neranjan Bissoon