Streamer beats the whole Souls series and Bloodborne without taking a hit

Very good

Can you imagine finishing a From Software game without getting hit? How about five games, back to back? And to make the challenge even more despicable, if you mess up, you have to start over at the first game. Twitch streamer The Happy Hob has done the near-impossible. He’s cleared the “god run.”

This week, after countless heartbreaks and close calls, the streamer completed a stupefying no-hit gauntlet of Bloodborne, Dark Souls II, Dark Souls, Demon’s Souls, and Dark Souls III, in that order.

Here’s the stressful final fight in Dark Souls III. (Warning: it’s about to get loud up in here.)

And here’s the heartwarming victory pose.

The Happy Hob hugged his dog after finishing the Souls god run.

The full five-game run took over 16 hours to conclude, and it’s madness. Absolute madness. I’m struggling to grasp the raw mechanical skill and sheer willpower needed to pull off something like this. Even as a viewer, my nerves are frayed. I can’t fathom how The Happy Hob keeps his cool.

His wild accomplishment didn’t go unnoticed. The Dark Souls Twitter account offered its congrats.

While the god run was surmounted in time for Sekiro, something tells me a break is long overdue.

Jordan Devore
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