Stranger Things season 2 trailer makes me more excited for Ghostbusters than new Ghostbusters

Cue the male-nerd-nostalgia-rage haters.

Now that half the internet is riled up [again], let’s take a look at the awesome new Netflix original Stranger Things season 2 trailer, hot off the presses from the San Diego Comic-Con.

Holy crap did they kill it with the use of Michael Jackson, Vincent Price, and Thriller. They just nuked the trailer game. I don’t have a lot else to say except that my nostalgia wood is like a sequoia right now. A sequoia that a woodpecker (sort of a double negative) just gave a giant blue pill to. NOOOOOOOSTAAAAAAALGIAAAAAAAA. I’m old.

But seriously, did they just try to take a page from Negan and The Walking Dead? Whoa, whoa, whoa! Lucille is thirsty!

Negan? Lucille? Baseball bats with hardware are just in vogue.

You’ve got to feel for this poor Will kid. He spent all of season one trapped in a weird nightmare world. And season 2’s not looking a lot hotter. But maybe he’s got some rain man drawing power now? Where do you think they’re taking us this season? Predictions? Trailer: love it? Hate it? Ghostbusters? Do we open that can of worms again? Feel free.

Rick Lash