Stranger than fiction: Xbox 360 outsells Wii in Japan

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The story of the Xbox 360’s success in Japan has taken another bizarre twist, as it has now pulled ahead of the dominating Nintendo on its home turf. As Wii sales slow down, the Xbox 360 has managed to snatch the top home console post, doubtlessly helped by its huge 30% price drop.

The 360 sold 28,681 units from September 8 to September 14, beating out the Wii’s 27,057 sales and trouncing the PS3’s 8,050. To further put this success into context, the 360 only shifted a dismal 845 units the previous week. 

The Xbox 360’s recent mini-victories in Japan can be also be attributed to the launch of exclusive JRPGs in Tales of Vesperia and Infinite Undiscovery. Japan can’t get enough of their androgynous coming-of-age stories and so far they have proved to be a wise investment for Microsoft. 

The 360 now enjoys over 717,275 Japanese sales which, when compared to the last Xbox’s paltry figure of 500,000, is definitely worth a golf clap. 

[Via Steel Squirrel]

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