Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin hits Steam April 6

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Let Chaos Commence

Square Enix has announced that its dark action-RPG, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, will finally be making its debut on the Steam platform on April 6, a little over a year on from its initial release on PlayStation, Xbox, and Epic Games Store in March 2022.

Developed by hack ‘n’ slash lovers Team Ninja, Stranger of Paradise is a new interpretation of the original Final Fantasy lore, and sees grumpy protagonist Jack on an all-consuming mission to eradicate the embodiment of Chaos. This single-minded principle that lead to much merriment and mirth-making among the meme community, and would even see Square Enix getting a little salty at all of the comedy.

The action-heavy adventure received a mostly positive response from critics and players, though its story, tone, and general direction proved somewhat divisive within the Final Fantasy community. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin launches April 6 on Steam at a “permanently discounted” price. It is also available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC via Epic Games Store.

Chris Moyse
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