Strange Brigade lays out roadmap for upcoming DLC

New content available now

1930s co-op shooter Strange Brigade is now out there in the wilderness, stealing through tombs and treasures the world over. To keep the adventures fresh, developer Rebellion has a trove of free and paid DLC content planned for the game’s future.

The first of such content arrived yesterday, with the launch of the Texas Cowboy Character Pack. This includes a rootin’ tootin’ new adventurer, three new Score Attack levels, and a new Horde map in the form of “Palace”. While the maps are free for all players, the new character – Patrick “Bash” Conaghan, will set you back around $7.

October will bring with it two new Campaign missions; The Thrice Damned – Parts 1 & 2, along with two more characters – aviator Tessie Caldwell and Japanese Naval Officer Hachiro Shimuzu – a selection of new weapons and special powers and further additions to Horde and Score Attack modes. November will see the arrival of The Thrice Damned – Part 3, accompanied by another new character, Anjali Khan, who brings with her further weaponry and maps.

So, it looks like treasure-seekers are definitely covered for the foreseeable future, with new content scheduled to release every few weeks. Strange Brigade is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Chris Moyse
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