Story: The Conduit has it, trailer reveals it

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Meh. So, today I found out that The Conduit has a story. My reaction was initially restricted to that simple, italicized word. I don’t expect first-person shooters to blow my mind. In fact, I don’t want an FPS to be interpretative or carry deep meaning. But, hey, High Voltage — we’ve killed aliens before. How about a twist?

Perhaps I’m being unfair considering that my information has come from a trailer Sega recently passed around. (You can view it after the break.) I haven’t had the opportunity to play through the entire game yet. There could a F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin moment hiding in it somewhere.

I digress. The Conduit’s story — as explained in the trailer — goes something like this: A big “weather system” hovers over Washington D.C. Then, people starting getting a mysterious flu bug. And finally, aliens attack. Awesome.

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