Stop the presses: a Smurfs movie game is on the way

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Ubisoft is releasing a Smurfs game for the Wii and DS family. Perhaps that implies a 3DS title as well, but we’ll have to wait in hot anticipation for more on that. What we do know is that it will be a game based on the upcoming 3D CGI/live-action horror movie. Can you think of anything more terrifying?

If you can’t, check out this music video of one of the Netherlands’ biggest hits. It was #1 for seven consecutive weeks in the hitlists. It also introduced the Smurfs to an international audience four years before the TV-show aired. Not enough for you? Boom, a live version!

Vader Abraham can perhaps be considered one of my country’s biggest trolls, until we exported Big Brother to your households and ruined TV for you. Aren’t you happy you learned all of that today?

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