Stone Sour track pack coming to Rock Band next week

They’ve received three Grammy Nominations, so you know they’re good, Stone Sour’s music is coming to Rock Band next week.

The pack will be made up of three tracks — “Made of Scars,” “Say You’ll Haunt Me,” and “Through Glass.” They’ll run you $1.99/160 MS Points/200 Wii Points a piece, or you can get the whole package for $5.49/440 MS Points/550 Wii Points. “Say You’ll Haunt Me” can be upgrade for Pro Guitar/Pro Bass for an additional 99 cents.

It’s tough for me to feign excitement for this one, because I think these guys sound like that one local rock band that I don’t like. Which band? I don’t know, any of them, really. They probably play in your town, too. But hey, if this is your thing — and clearly it’s somebody’s thing, and by all means, enjoy it! — go to town.

Nick Chester