STOcast announced; Trekkies get happy in the pants

Are you fapping under your covers at night at the thought of upcoming MMO Star Trek Online? After my visit to Perpetual Entertainment during GDC this year, I can’t say I haven’t had a little private bath time myself over what Star Trek Online could become. Thankfully, I have a new tidbit here that you can work yourself up over.

Star launched their offical podcast (called STOcast) today on the development of the game, giving those fans waiting with bated breath something to talk about. Expect some general discussion to kick the series off and get listeners situated in the progress of the title. The second episode presents John Eaves, the artist who designed the Sovereign class starship featured in Star Trek: First Contact, to discuss his work with Perpetual and the ongoing development of the game. 

If we’re lucky, maybe Podtoid can fight an epic battle across space versus STOcast one day in the future and broadcast it all live. I hope we get to use lasers. We like lasers.

Colette Bennett