Still playing Fallout Shelter? ‘Cause it has a whole bunch of new stuff

Including crafting

Fallout Shelter has been out for almost nine months, but it’s just now getting its largest update ever. That’s probably a good thing for the people who are still playing virtual vault overseer. A little shake-up has to be widely welcomed by now.

The biggest addition to Fallout Shelter is a crafting system. Junk can be turned into items through the weapon and armor crafting rooms. Also, there’s now a fifth card in lunchboxes (junk) that should make for more frequent item-making.

Other changes in version 1.4 are less substantial. There’s a barbershop for hair stylin’, some new cats and dogs because they’re cute, and a parrot for squakin’. Here’s the list of updates straight from Bethesda, but any good overseer would already know exactly what has changed in their vault.

Fallout Shelter Update 1.4 – Crafting, Barbershop, New Rooms and More [Bethesda]

  • Turn worthless junk into useful items! Introducing… crafting!
  • New Rooms! Build the new Weapon and Armor crafting rooms and use them to create your own items in game!
  • Lunchboxes now contain a bonus 5th card: Junk! Trust us – it’s more useful than it sounds. Lucky wasteland explorers may also find junk on their adventures.
  • Take the Overseer role to the next level. Build the new Barbershop and customize the look of any Dweller.
  • Keep up with the latest fashions! Find new Outfits and Weapons straight from Fallout 4 in lunchboxes, or craft them yourself!
  • Because four-legged companions bring overwhelming happiness, we’ve added new Dogs and Cats, and are introducing… Parrots! Plus, new Pet bonuses!
  • Time of day is now properly reflected. Because authentic Vault simulation is our #1 goal!
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