Still missing from Hogwarts Legacy, WB is making a Harry Potter Quidditch game

You can sign up for the playtest now

The Harry Potter license is still churning out projects; and fresh off of the announcement of a new TV series/reboot is Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions. Yep, it’s just like it sounds (it’s a game about Quidditch), and they’re curiously using the Harry Potter name rather than “Wizarding World,” or going the Hogwarts Legacy route with a standalone title.

To that end, we don’t really have much info on what the game entails beyond the act of playing Quidditch in a multiplayer fashion, but there is a call for playtesters (essentially beta signups) now.

Where to sign up for the Harry Potter Quidditch Champions beta and playtest

WB has the signup page right here, and they’re taking applications now. As the publisher notes, registration doesn’t guarantee entry, and you will need to sign up for a WB Account (or login with your existing one) to even start the process.

After logging in, a poll will ask you what platforms you play on, and what types of games you play (as well as how you feel about the Harry Potter franchise). After that you’ll get a notification via email if you’re in, whenever WB decides to start testing.

There’s also an official Discord community found here.

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