Still Alive is adorable when sung by a large mass of kids

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That headline should have gone without saying.

Above, you’ll witness the Gifford Children’s Choir from Racine, Wisconsin singing Still Alive. If you’re still reading, I can assume that this clearly isn’t important enough for you and you should move on because I know that the words “Children,” “Choir,” and “Still Alive” are either going to make you sigh audibly or ignore anything and everything else until you’ve experienced it. For the record, I fell into the latter category.

The video is, frankly, awful but the kids are talented and the YouTube user who posted it promises that they’re working on shooting a better one. I suppose this will do for the meantime but I’d very much like to see a performance where I can clearly make out what’s going on with all those lights up there.

If you’ve managed to overcome the bombardment of cake, lies and videotape that followed in the wake of Portal and are once again happy to enjoy the closing diddy of that game, feel free to enjoy.

A Children’s Choir Sings Portal’s Closing Song “Still Alive” [Kotaku]

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