Steven Hansen: Still Features Editor, also EIC of Destructoid Magazine

Running the rag, running ragged

As we’ve just told you repeatedly now, Jonathan Holmes is stepping back from the overarching role of Editor-in-Chief, and various familiar faces are stepping up to absorb his duties as co-Editors-in-Chief. It’s a pretty good deal. Holmes is still around with more time to write posts like his excellent Majora’s Mask piece from last year, while you don’t lose any singular one of us (Laura, Jordan, Chris) to the all-consuming responsibility of the EIC role.

I’m still Destructoid’s Features Editor. I’ll continue to write scalding hot rebukes to popular games, amazing casting calls, decade late God Hand apologia, fake listicle headlines that house articles about where Souls games fall within the brief historical context of the 3D action genre and how genre expectations (among other things) feed their reputation as ball busters. I’ll still pillory Batmans with demeaning 7/10s, lead our coverage of video game events all around the world, and, you know, write 1,000 or so gosh darn articles a year about video games for our favorite online haunt. 

But I’m also running the Destructoid Magazine that Holmes so lovingly guided into existence. It’s exciting stuff, being able to bring you guys even more timeless content in a beautifully designed, physical shell.

I wrote a mushy blog earlier this year about my four plus years at Destructoid and how it’s impossible to take any of it for granted. I’m excited to be doing one more thing for you, with you. I’m on Twitter, but you can always find me right here.

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