Stephen Colbert demoes the Ex-Xbox

Stephen Colbert is a funny guy who does funny things on his funny television show. This is one of those funny things. After hearing about Project Natal, Colbert did some top secret spy work and found out that Microsoft’s next system was going to be the Ex-Xbox. You can see him actually playing it below. Now I just have to find how to get some of those threads that only smart people can see that he’s talking about.

Not to get all serious when we’re all having so much fun, but despite this being a joke it points to one of the major problems I have with Natal. It really isn’t a better way to control games, and while Microsoft is contending that it’s getting rid of a major barrier with the lack of a controller, I would say that setting up a camera in your house might be just as big a one. I think Colbert’s skit points out some of the issues with how ridiculous this technology is for a large chunk of gaming. Don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome for some things, and looks to be an impressive piece of tech, but I can’t help wonder how it’s going to improve how I play games in any way.

There I’ve changed a post about The Colbert Report into a mini-rant on Natal. What? Cut me some slack, I’m only here on the weekends.


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