Step right up: Sony Japan announces new ‘Carnival’ PlayStation Portable colors

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has announced that it will continue to flood the Japanese market with different colored PlayStation Portable systems in 2009. Yay!

SCEJ has announced that it will be introducing a new “Carnival Colors” PSP-3000 line throughout March in Japan. On March 5, “Vibrant Blue” and “Radiant Red” will be available; March  19 will see the release of “Bright Yellow” and “Spirited Green.” The units will retail for 19,800 yen. “Value Packs” — including a 4GB Memory Stick Pro Duo, a matching pouch (also sold separately), and wrist strap — will also be available for 24,800 yen. 

So … more colors. Honestly, while the colors are pretty to look at, the system itself has the same functionality as a traditional PSP-3000. I’m not the kind of guy who needs his PSP to match his shoes, so I wouldn’t trade up my “old and boring” PSP for a fancier color. Destructoid’s Dale North, on the other hand, will probably buy all four. 

What do you guys think of the new colors? 

Nick Chester