Stellaris pre-order deals now available with Galaxy Editions in tow

Paradox in Space gets discount

Update 4/15: New and better 25 percent off code available. Prices updated below.

If you were like some of us and thought the upcoming sole focus for Paradox Interactive was Hearts of Iron IV, you were wrong. In fact, come May 9 (before HOI4) its next strategy title release will be Stellaris.

Just yesterday Paradox opened up pre-orders on Steam, but of course you’ll be able to pick up a copy over at Green Man Gaming too. There, you can take 20% 25% off Stellaris for the Standard, Nova, and Galaxy Edition of the game.

Use Code: DEALZON25

Are the Nova and Galaxy Editions worth it? Magic 8-Ball says “maybe.” The Nova Edition includes the base game with the digital soundtrack (2.5 hours) and an exclusive alien race DLC which is purely cosmetic in nature. The Galaxy Edition includes everything in Nova, a 130-page digital collector’s book, eBook novel, exclusive avatar to use on the Paradox Forum, and a signed Wallpaper from the development team (digital of course).

Pre-order Bonuses

There are a few pre-order bonuses attached to Stellaris, which look about as attractive as the Nova or Galaxy Editions:

  • Creatures of the Void DLC – Five additional alien races
  • Stellaris-themed ringtones and message alerts for your mobile phone
  • Blorg forum avatar (presumably for the Paradox Forums)
  • They will send your name “into space”

Send your name into space? Apparently if you have a Paradox account and link it to your Steam account you’ll have your name included on a weather balloon they’ll send into the upper stratosphere. I guess that’s “space” of sorts. The event will be filmed but you must have your accounts linked by June 1, 2016. For novelty pre-order bonuses, this would be it.

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