Stellaris pre-order deal now up to 25 percent off

Game goes live Monday

You can bet our solar systems Sol is in Monday’s new release from Paradox Interactive, Stellaris. Steam has it listed at $39.99, but there is a discount roaming the net worth checking out.

At Green Man Gaming, Stellaris is 25 percent off after using a coupon code, which takes $10 off the Standard Edition of the game, $12.50 off the Nova Edition, and $17.50 off the Galaxy Edition.

Use Code: DEALZON25

The coupon code at GMG has a limited run, ending on Friday, May 13 at 9:00am Pacific. That gives you the weekend to grab the discount before the game goes live fully. If you’re reading this after said time frame, you can still use the standard 20 percent off DEALZON20 code.

Pre-Order Bonus Still in Effect

Stellaris is still in its pre-order phase, which means you’ll get the Creatures of the Void DLC pack and have your name sent into “space.” Yep, literally space.

And by “literally space,” we mean only the upper stratosphere on a weather balloon. So, not quite. When you pre-order Stellaris and link your Steam and Paradox accounts by June 1, Paradox will include your name on a weather balloon headed to the black. There will be a video broadcast at some point. Goodie.

Nova vs. Galaxy

The Nova and Galaxy Editions get you a few digital extras with only minor cosmetic differences compared to the Standard Edition. The Nova Edition includes the game, soundtrack, a Nova-specific Paradox forum icon, and an exclusive Alien Race which look like space spiders. Cool.

The Galaxy Edition has everything in the Nova plus a few more add-ons: a specific Galaxy forum icon, a unique forum avatar, the Stellaris novel (eBook), a digital collector’s book, and a signed wallpaper. All digital of course. We’re not sure how to feel about “signed” digital wallpaper, but there it is.

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