Steep’s free Alaska add-on is not shredding the gnar this week


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Last Friday, we told you that “Steep‘s free Alaska add-on shreds the gnar next week.” That was exciting for a few reasons. First and probably most pertinent: free DLC is almost always good, especially when it’s as substantial as the Alaska region seems to be. But, more selfishly, we were stoked to use the phrase “shreds the gnar” in a headline. Not a lot of legitimate reasons to do that when writing about, I don’t know, Dark Souls or Mass Effect.

But, alas, our enthusiasm was ill-fated. In a short message on UbiBlog, Ubisoft informs us that Steep‘s Alaska DLC is being pushed back to February 24. Not only will it not shred the gnar this week, but it won’t shred the gnar next week either. It will be two whole weeks until the gnar is shred.

We’ll update with an appropriately-titled headline if there are any further developments.

Steep — New Date for Alaska Update [UbiBlog]

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