Steep pre-order deals available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Not-so-steep price

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Ubisoft’s open world ski/wingsuit/snowboard/paraglide (*takes breathe*) extreme sports game releases later this Friday, December 2 for the standard $59.99 entry fee. You are reading this post because discounts are available on all platforms!

Steep Deals

On PC you’ll want to head over to Green Man Gaming where an 18% discount to $49.29 exist for the Standard Edition. There’s also a similar price cut on the Gold Edition to $73.79. You’ll have to login or add the game to your cart before you can see the discount.

GMG is known to be sending out keys instantly after purchase. This gives you the chance to plug in for pre-load, which is live on Uplay.

On both the PS4 and Xbox One, Amazon will grant you a 15% discount to $51, which is a solid price break from the largest online retailer. It’s even better if you’re a paid Amazon Prime member, where they’ll grant you a further discount to $47.99 (20% off).

Why the discount on the PS4/Xbox One? Target is currently running a 15% off coupon for all things video games, and we think Amazon’s price robot is now price-matching.

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