SteelSeries launch new headsets for Xbox 360 and iPod

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Following up the original gaming headset for the Xbox 360, The 5XB, SteelSeries is back with the announcement of its newest headset: The wireless Spectrum 7XB. SteelSeries claims that, despite it being wireless, there will be no loss in sound quality, and the small wireless transmitter — apparently no bigger than a deck of playing cards — plugs directly into the Xbox 360, and will supply over 20 hours of audio.

On top of this, the headset also features the SteelSeries LiveMix, used to balance audio and voice, interchangeable ear cups made from either leather or cloth, and will be priced at $149.00. While I know SteelSeries produce quality headsets, I already found the 5XB to be slightly too big in its design, and I can’t help but find the design of the 7XB is no better, if not worse. Hopefully SteelSeries will change my mind when I finally get hands-on with it.

Secondly SteelSeries has announced an iPod/iPad friendly version of an older style headset, which I originally fell in love with back at CES 2009. The SteelSeries Siberia Neckband is back, and is optimized with an in-line remote for audio and calls that is compatible with all iPods and iPads.

SteelSeries also spent time updating the sound quality of the Neckband, have kept the retractable microphone for answering calls, and the headset will be priced at $79.99. I know people feel a bit unsure of the neckband design, but even I was really surprised by how comfortable it really was. They didn’t feel loose or crush my ears into my head, and are perfect for those people who are going out and don’t want to mess their hair up, a massive selling point.

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