Steel Battalion Heavy Armor wants you looking the part

I was feeling pretty bummed out when I heard the upcoming XBox 360 game, Steel Battalion Heavy Armor wasn’t compatible with the original epic controller from the first generation Xbox release. The massive piece of mech heaven, which was used in the first two games, was all about immersion with its dual stick and 40 button set up. The idea of bringing this level of mech love via the Kinect just didn’t seem quite right.

Capcom has just announced that they will be selling a limited edition bundle, exclusively on their Japanese e-store; which includes some dress up items, such as a helmet-like cap, a hip bag, and military style jacket. This is the kind of immersion I could get into. The pricey pack will run you ¥35,000, which is quit a bit higher than the cost of the massive Steel Battalion 1 controller, but could lead to some pretty interesting cosplay action. Wouldn’t it be pretty funny if the Kinect would only let you play the game if you put this outfit on?

Ultimate Steel Battalion Bundle Includes Helmet and Jacket [Andriasang]

Hiroko Yamamura