Steam’s Winter Sale seems like a fine way to say goodbye to 2017

Now through January 4

Before we sing “Auld Lang Syne” and wave farewell to this year, Valve wants to sell you a few more games. Yep, Steam’s Winter Sale is officially underway.

You know how these things go — thousands of games are on sale and you have to do the digging if you want to know about all of them. As for some of the front page deals, there’s: Hellblade for $22.50, Vanquish for $10, SteamWorld Dig 2 for $13, Elite Dangerous for $7.50, and Tekken 7 for $25. There’s plenty more, though. I’m thinking about grabbing Portal 2 for $2 just so I can say I have it on PC.

No real need to act quickly, either. Despite all the stuff I said in the opening paragraph about getting one more sale in before the year ends, Steam’s Winter Sale actually straddles the calendar year and extends into 2018. It technically ends on January 4. So maybe you want to wait until you see what’s in your stocking before committing cash to PC games.

Steam Winter Sale [Steam]

Brett Makedonski
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