SteamPirates pays homage to Eternity’s Child fiasco

Remember the notorious Eternity’s Child review fiasco, starring our dearly departed Anthony Burch? Game creator Luc Bernard certainly remembers it, but the infamous indie developer is not one to bear a grudge. In fact, he even makes light of it in the promo art for his upcoming iPhone RPG, SteamPirates

Here, we see a pirate-flavored Mr. Destructoid putting the boot into the main character of Eternity’s Child, fending off an attempting bottling attack while casually supping on some ale. It’s great that Luc can have a sense of humor over the situation, two years removed, and we certainly hope SteamPirates fares a lot better in the review stakes. 

SteamPirates is a casual RPG with some platform elements. As usual, it boasts a fantastic art style and some weird gameplay. Here’s hoping it’s a good one. In my personal opinion, this industry needs more people like Luc in it. 

Jim Sterling