Steam user delighted by crap in Steam inventory

Upon booting up Steam this morning, Internet denizen Tiffany Park discovered a notification on the program indicating a number of new items were located in her Steam inventory.

“I got really excited,” Park told Destructoid. “I thought I had new trading cards to sell or maybe a friend finally gifted me one of the games on my wish list.”

Upon opening her inventory, though, Park discovered a bevy of coupons for several banal-looking games she’d never heard of before, much less ever considered purchasing.

“You know, Team Indie and Pixel Piracy weren’t even on my radar prior to today,” Park continued. “But after seeing those coupons in my Steam inventory, I knew to steer clear.”

These coupons are part of the Steam Discovery initiative, Valve’s plan to make shopping easier than ever before. Along with the Steam Curators program, which allows any old cretin to become a curator, the new features inundate users with a myriad of unappealing games so people know what not to buy.

Park seemed thankful for the coupons and other new features, adding she “might have accidentally bought some of that [expletive] during a holiday sale without the warning.”

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