Steam treasure hunt: Prizes, sales, and TF2 hats

As per the tradition of scavenger hunts, The Great Steam Treasure Hunt is going to end in tears for many of us. At least this time, you won’t be stuck looking for junk out in the woods only to run through poison ivy; instead, you’ll be playing games and performing Steam-related tasks.

They do a good job of spelling it all out nicely on the aforementioned link, but I’ll go ahead and paraphrase this contest anyway. Every 48 hours, a new set of tasks will be unveiled. For each one you complete, you will be entered in a drawing to win the “top 5 games” on your Steam wishlist.

Three individuals who complete 10 of these objectives — as determined by another drawing — will be awarded 100 games (!) of their choosing at the end of the treasure hunt. What’s more, select games will go on sale throughout the duration, and people can also earn Team Fortress 2 hats as well.

Chime, R.U.S.E., and Poker Night at the Inventory are all on sale right now because they’re needed for some of the tasks. I’d buy that for a dollar (twenty-five)!

Jordan Devore
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