10 games to grab before the Steam Halloween sale ends

Spooky scary Steam sales send shivers down your spine

Halloween is upon us, and Steam is still going strong with a spooky weeklong sale. If you’re not in the mood to wear a costume and consume a questionable amount of candy, you may find entertainment in Steam’s latest deals until November 2.

Steam Scream: The Revenge – the sale’s formal title – lets players get up to 90% off on a wide selection of scary games. Although these deals end soon, the daily free rewards from the Points Shop as well as the discounted video games are worth a look if you haven’t glanced at it yet.

While there are many standout video games you can purchase in this sale, here are 10 titles I recommend for those looking to get the most scares for their buck:

If nothing listed here interests you, Steam will host some other larger scale sales in the near future. On November 21, Steam will launch its Autumn Sale. Furthermore, the famous Steam Winter Sale starts on December 21, just before Christmas.

Steam Scream: The Revenge is live now, take advantage of it!

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