Steam madness: 20 games from 2K for a cool $54

[Editor’s Note: Forgive me, but I simply couldn’t not use that picture again.]

Don’t you just love those massive bundles on Steam that bring you an entire developer or publisher’s catalog of games for a super discounted price? Of course you do, because saving money is always fun.

This time, we have got an appropriately-titled collection from 2K Games called the “Huge Game Pack.” Sounds like one of those sketchy fifty-in-one “game systems” you’d find at a flea market, doesn’t it? The bundle includes stuff like Sid Meier’s Pirates!, BioShock, Freedom Force, X-COM, and a million versions of Civilization IV.

In total, there’s 20 different games, and while the normal running price for this grouping is $60, the price has been brought down to $54 from now until July 7. If it weren’t for Shacknews, I probably would have missed spotting this deal, so thank them for catching it!

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