Steam grows in 2009 without water

So, there’s this little program available over the Internet called “Steam.” It’s a digital distribution service that offers PC games like Left 4 Dead 2 or Risen. Apparently, this thing is catching on. According to its developer, Valve, the platform grew in 2009.

In a media blast this afternoon, Valve tossed out several exciting Steam growth numbers. In 2009, Steam went over 25 million active members, and handled 2.5 million of those concurrently in December. Collectively, these people now log in average of 13 billion minutes or so each month.

It doesn’t seem like Valve is going to sit on their success. In the press release, Valve’s president Gabe Newell said his studio plans “to continue to expand and grow the platform to better serve developers supporting the open platform and millions of gamers logging in each day.”

We’re not sure about the developer part, but we’ve learned that the best way to grow something and keep making money off of the product is to buy a greenhouse and various tool upgrades. Nothing beats a level four watering can. Nothing.

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