Steam got some nice new Xbox Elite and DualSense controller options

Available now in a beta update

I may not use every last bit of the Xbox Elite controller, but my original pad is still hanging in there, and it continues to be my go-to controller for PC gaming (although I’m warming up to the DualSense).

If you’re a fan of the Xbox Elite’s rear paddles and wish they were better supported on PC with little to no fuss on your end, you’ll want to download Steam’s new beta update – it added a controller configuration setting so you can bind the paddles. There’s also an option to bind the Series X “share” button, as well as support for trigger rumble “in games using Windows.Gaming.Input API.”

On the DualSense front, the Steam beta client has added a way to disable the PS5 controller’s “player slot” LED as needed. To access the option, look for a drop-down in the personalization menu.

If needed, you can access the Steam client beta using these instructions.

January 5, 2021 controller update for the Steam client beta:

  • Added a setting for extended Xbox controller support. The option can be enabled in the General Controller Setting section of your Steam settings and requires a driver installation and restarting your computer.
    Extended Xbox features include:
    • Support for more than four Xbox controllers.
    • The ability to bind the Xbox Elite controller paddles in controller configurations.
    • The ability to bind the Xbox Series X controller share button in controller configurations.
    • Support for trigger rumble in games using Windows.Gaming.Input API.
  • Added a drop down in the personalization menu for the PS5 controller player slot LED allowing the player to disable it, enable it only when multiple controllers are connected, or to enable it at all times. This setting defaults to enable the LED only when multiple controller are connected.
  • Added support for the Wooting Two keyboard.
  • Non-gamepad input devices like the HOTAS and G15 are now available to games when Generic Gamepad Configuration Support is enabled in the Controller Settings.

[Via The Verge]

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