Steam: Five percent are Macs, 72 using Intel chips

A whopping 5.07 percent of all computers using Steam were running OSX last month, which means that Steam is still 95 percent PC. The numbers are actually down from June, where 8.13 percent were Mac users.

I installed Steam on my Macs when it came out. I was happy it was available to me, and I think I downloaded a couple of versions of Diner Dash. But then the charm wore off, and I haven’t actually booted up Steam this month. Maybe it was like that.

Or maybe it was that reported increase of PC installs in July.

Of those counted Macs, GamesIndustry says that 46.78 were using MacBook Pro systems, making up the majority.

Another interesting spec from the Steam camp is not Apple related at all. It turns out Intel is leading with 72.37 percent of all machines running their processors versus 27.63 using AMD chips. And for graphics, its 59 percent Nvidia and almost 33 percent ATI.

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