Steam Controller and Link on sale for 30% off again at GameStop

Random, but appreciated

GameStop always has the most random deals. Popular accessories at 30% off and it won’t even mention it on the front page. Why the heck not? Appearing earlier this morning, Valve’s Steam Controller is on sale yet again for $15 off, a big 30% price break down to $35.

This matches its previous low price, which was offered at either Steam Store, Amazon, or GameStop (some of the few retailers that actually carry the controller).

As with before, the Steam Link is also on sale for the same percentage discount, complementing the Steam Controller. No expiration date is noted from GameStop but since this showed up in the middle of the week, it should be a part of its weekly sale and we’re expecting it to last through next week. Pick a unit up if you’re interested, or check out the various reviews available online.

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