Statik is a game about solving your way out of puzzle-box handcuffs

This concept should work really well in VR

This short debut trailer for Statik, a PlayStation VR puzzle game from Tarsier Studios, shows just enough to get its weird, slightly unnerving vibe across and capture my imagination.

The setup is that you’re helping a doctor “unravel the complexities of the human mind,” or at least that’s what he claims he’s doing (I have a hard time believing there isn’t something else going on here). “Awakening to each new day with a unique, hand-mounted puzzle device to solve, you must use your brain, eyes and ears to solve each mystery. Except… this is VR, so it’s hard to know whether you can trust any part of yourself. Our money’s on your brain!”

I don’t think there will be any one game to make me want a PlayStation VR (and if there is, it’s surely Rez Infinite). Chances are, it’ll be off-kilter titles like Statik that start to add up and convince me.

Mysterious Puzzler Statik Announced for PlayStation VR [PlayStation Blog]

Jordan Devore
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