Start your week with another look at the Chrono Trigger-inspired SNES-like RPG Sea of Stars

It’s Zale’s time to shine

It has been a little bit since we last checked in with Sea of Stars — almost exactly three months, actually — so it feels fitting to get an update now that the seasons have changed again.

A new trailer for Sea of Stars was part of the Summer Game Fest showcase stream this morning. As a refresher, Sea of Stars is: a prequel to The Messenger, an SNES-like RPG “without any of the tedium” that bogged down a lot of those games, a turn-based affair with combat similar to Super Mario RPG, and a game where the protagonists harness the power of summer/the sun and winter/the moon. There’s a lot going on, so read our reveal preview/interview from March for the full primer.

Developer Sabotage took to Kickstarter to get Sea of Stars made and crowdfunding was a success. It ended up netting about $1.2 million across more than 25,000 backers. People very clearly want this type of game and Sabotage has proven it has the chops to deliver a quality product. 

All of that brings us to today’s new trailer. It’s mostly just another reassuring look that Sea of Stars seems fantastic. We’re briefly introduced to Garl the Warrior Cook, who appears to be a party member. Otherwise, just soak it all up. Sea of Stars is a fantastic way to start your week.

Brett Makedonski
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